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Product Overview
Environmental Auditing in South Africa, A Guide to
by Sampson/various contributors

ISBN: 9780409068207
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Product Details

I Sampson with various specialist contributors null

A complete guide containing everything you need to know to conduct an environmental audit in South Africa

Key benefits

• gives guidance on structured and generally accepted approaches to audits

• provides a benchmark against best practice and spot trends

• includes up-to-date information on all applicable auditing standards which have emerged in recent years

• provides a basis for moving towards integrated audits in the future

• can be used as training for new environmental managers/auditors

• discusses when an environmental audit should be conducted, by whom and how to commission it

• explains how to conduct a pre-environmental audit, explains the audit and how to implement the results

• assists managers and their advisers in industry, commerce and government

• tells you how to have your company recognised as being environmentally friendly

• deals with the ISO 14000 standards - measuring and developing environmental management techniques

• allows organisations to control the environmental impact of all their activities, products, services in compliance with their self-declared environmental policy and objectives

Who should subscribe?

• Businesses

• Manufacturers

• Managers

• Environmentalists

• Engineers

• Anyone involved in waste management

Topics covered

• An Introduction to Environmental Auditing in South Africa

• Environmental Legal Compliance Audits

• Due Diligence Audit

• Insurance and other Risk Related Audits

• Environmental Management System Audit

• Iso14000 Audits endorsed by the SABS

• Safety, Health and Environment Audits

• Environmental Financial Audit

• Environmental Auditing for Small to Medium Size Enterprises

• Environmental Report Verification/Auditing

• Stakeholder: Sustainability and Social Audits

• Auditing Suppliers and Waste Streams

• Environmental Impact Assessments

• Technical Audits

• EMPR Auditing

• Water Audits

• Environmental Auditing Software

Practical features

• the text has been written by a panel of authors from different arenas within the industry

• extremely practical

• clear writing style

• extensive use of case studies

• includes examples and checklists

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• The Statutes of South Africa

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