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Product Overview
Family Law in Botswana:Cases, Materials and Commentary
by Quansah

ISBN: 9780409023817
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Product Details

This book aims at stimulating an interest in students in the reading of law reports and statutes and at providing relevant source material other than that already offered to enhance their study of family law. The extracts from the law reports and statutes appear in their original format with very minor editorial work, namely dotting the i's and crossing the t's. The selection was substantially dictated by the content of the family law course offered at the University of Botswana. It presents cases, statutes and other relevant materials with commentary. Given the limited availability of law reports currently at the disposal of students, it is hoped that this book will provide an alternative source of the case law that is so vital to the study of family law. It does not claim to be the panacea for all the problems a student may encounter in the study of this subject but the hope is that it will be an essential tool with which students will strive to achieve excellence in the subject. It also aims to serve as a useful reference for the busy legal practitioner or judicial officer who seeks answers to questions on family law.
Topics covered
. • Engagement
. • Marriage under the Marriage Act
. • Nullity of marriage
. • Invariable consequences of marriage
. • Variable consequences of marriage
. • Marriage out of community of property
. • Customary law marriage
. • Dissolution of marriage
. • Ancillary reliefs
. • Adoption
. • Practice Notes
. • Table of cases
. • Table of statutes 

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