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Product Overview
Law of Agency 4th edition
by Kerr

ISBN: 9780409018868
Stock Availability: Yes
Edition: 4EDN
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Product Details

SC BA(Unisa) LLB(Witwatersrand) LLM PhD(Natal) LLD(honoris causa)(Rhodes)
Professor Emeritus of Law and Honorary Fellow in Rhodes University
Advocate of the High Court of South Africa

Written by expert author Professor AJ Kerr, the latest edition of The Law of Agency is a must-have for anyone who requires knowledge of agency law and its implications.

The fourth edition of this well-known and respected publication offers a detailed analysis of the nature of agency, agency power as well as the relationships between principals, agents and third parties. Updates include a more detailed chapter on the process of authorisation, information on the distinction between apparent authority and estoppel and a discussion on difficulties in terminology.

Key benefits
- Makes a clear distinction between agents, mandataries, employees and  independent contractors
- Provides a balance between historical analysis of the law of agency and contemporary case law
- Gives a comprehensive commentary on the law of agency
- Is an authoritative reference work

Topics covered
- Part 1: Analysis
- Part 2: Agency power
- Part 3: Principal and agent
- Part 4: Principal and third person
- Part 5: Agent and third person

Practical features
- Comprehensive footnotes
- List of principal works cited
- Table of statutes
- Table of cases
- In-depth Index

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