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Product Overview
Legiserve Botswana Set (Updated to Service Isue 21)
by Lexisnexis

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Product Details

LexisNexis Editorial Staff
Legiserve: Botswana brings you the fully consolidated and annotated tax laws of Botswana
Key benefits
. • Ensures in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of tax legislation in Botswana
. • Full text of amended or repealed legislation is provided
. • Consolidated and up-to-date Acts
. • Ancillary legislation 
Topics included
. • Income Tax Act
. • Capital Transfer Tax Act
. • Value-Added Tax Act
. • Ancillary legislation
. • Amendment Acts
. • Double Taxation Agreements 
Practical features
. • Clearly set out with easily referenced sections
. • Effective dates of amendments and the full text of amended or repealed provisions are included 
What does your subscription include? 
. • Quality A4 binder

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